The truth behind disney movies and fairy tales and nursey rhymes and other movies based on true stories:

As you might no walt disney is a pure geneis. Disney movies are filled with many secrets. Like how all Disney movies are actually based on true stories. even the classic ones based on fairy tales. A story has to start somewhere? fairy tales are based on truth and have been changed up over the years , so they sound better and make happy endings. but really they are filled with harsh realties. Since I know about most of these secrets im going to write them in notes. Ill try every day to write a new note but i may get busy. Ill start with all the disney movies in order of realeased then make my way to nursery rhymes. So first disney movie ever realsead is Snow White.

I got a little bored and fustrated with just disney movies so I decided to open this up to any true story movie and plus the disney movies